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Why Video Marketing Will Dominate In 2017?

Why Video Marketing Will Dominate In 2017?

Have you recently hovered over a smartphone and chuckled at an adorable viral video with a friend or colleague? Did you recently share a video on your social media page that had some powerful political talking points?

There’s just something about a funny or informative video that makes us want to share it with our friends, family and colleagues. Videos can have that same power when it comes to your B2B tech company. Here’s what an effective video should be able to do:

  • Inform
  • Persuade
  • Communicate a brand story and value proposition
  • Build relationships and trust

Why Video Is A Better Investment Than Words?

Research done by Forrester’s Dr. James McQuivey estimates that just one minute of video has the same impact on decisions as 1.8 million words. It would be almost impossible to get the casual viewer to sit down and read that many words about your product or service. This is especially important when you consider that a recent Forbes study pointed out that 59 percent of executives would prefer to watch a video than to read text. This makes video an amazingly efficient option if you’re looking for optimizing return on investment.

Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Video marketing is expected to rule in 2017. Cisco has predicted that video consumption will account for 69 percent of all Internet traffic of consumers by the end of the upcoming year. Two big reasons for this increase are:

  • Higher Internet speed
  • Increased mobile usage

This change is a good news for technology B2B companies because they can use the power of video to demonstrate their services and dominate their niches. Of course, riding the wave of video marketing buzz the right way all comes down to creating and distributing relevant content . Why is video gaining the edge over words? The strengths of video are:

  • Less effort to consume
  • Easier to connect with speakers
  • Demonstrates products in use
  • Catches the eye in social media feeds

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